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Door Daemos

Paragon (1951)

afbeelding van Daemos

25-04-2021, 20:43

You might have guessed it. I can't beat the last level. I get to the boss but get owned hard. tried some trick but quickly run out of mana and constantly doing the whole **** level over again is starting to get on my nerves. Anyone has a clue on how to chop the final boss into pieces? Is there a secret shop somewhere? I am definitely missing something...

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Van tyr105

Supporter (4)

afbeelding van tyr105

26-04-2021, 17:32

I used Salto'N blades LV4 to defeat the last boss.
Since you can attack continuously, you can deal damage efficiently.
However, since mana was exhausted, I also used a normal attack.
The STATUS was LEVEL10, HP103, MP119, ATT13, DEF3.
If you haven't bought all the items, you should play again from stage1.
Especially Teas of sol is necessary.

I have only one MAGIC that I can't find.

Van Daemos

Paragon (1951)

afbeelding van Daemos

26-04-2021, 17:35

hmmmz then I was close. I have the salto blades and teas of sol and funny enough I already tried the salto blades and got pretty far. Guess I will have to try again.