Freedom Fighter changes

Door thegeps

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04-04-2021, 19:08

Today I'll show you a video update about Freedom Fighter's changes for the upcoming physical version. Some news:
- the game can now be paused
- you can see your actual weapon level on the scoreboard
- added two more weapon's upgrades, rapidfire1 and 2
- erased some deadly waves (from level 2 and on so not visible in this video)

These changes (including new prologue/epilogue and eventually more gfx add ons) will be present only in the physical version. After some time (the amount of time will be chosen by the buyers through a survey) the free version too will be updated (the game is for all msxers)
As usual set the video framerate at 720p50 so you won't miss any frame

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Van ray2day

Paladin (719)

afbeelding van ray2day

04-04-2021, 19:53

@thegeps Is the source code of the game available somewhere?
(you promised me at the start of this project..)

Van thegeps

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04-04-2021, 20:21

it will be, I promise Wink

I'll release it on Github when the free version will be updated. (so I will have more time to complete to comment it LoL)

Van ocitygate

Expert (72)

afbeelding van ocitygate

04-04-2021, 20:31

How much is the physical version?

Van thegeps

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04-04-2021, 20:52

It's a 2mb megarom cartridge. I still have to evaluate the price. Till now I only know the cartridge price. I need to know how much is a jewel case, and the print of labels, covers and manuals.