NMS 8280 "snake-pit"

Door geekdot

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05-03-2021, 10:15

Hi all!

After many years of ignorance it was way about time, to get an MSX box - and if its just one, it has to be something special... so I got myself an NSM 8280 Tongue and immediately registered at this wonderful forum.

Opening the case for checking the battery, caps etc. (initial reflex) I was, erm, shocked surprised about the snake-pit I was looking at Shocked!

Comparing this to the "inside" picture in the wiki, that one looks much more tidy.
Especially the single wires crossing the whole analog-board (orange, red, grey), lots of yellow-wire-action close to the analog sub-module (also missing in the wiki-pic)...

Is my (analog-)board an early version or are these all mods? Coming with a German keyboard, it claims to be a /09, which also isn't listed in the Wiki article.

Thanks for your help/ideas/hints in advance! I'm looking forward for a wild MSX experience... and yes, I also got a Carnivore 2 just to be perfectly prepared :P

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Van mars2000you

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05-03-2021, 13:17

There have been several revisions of this computer. I think the picture in the Wiki corresponds to the /00 version.

Van Repair-Bas

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06-03-2021, 09:58

There are different versions.
But not in the type number, that is for the language

Serial number that starts with`;

The last two has a double sided pcb and not so much cables

There versions with a extra pcb, like this on the left side: 007
The 005 has a different mainboard
The 006 is the same as this one, but without the small pcb

There are also differences with the power supply
The 027 has new model drives and some with a white colored mouse with a black wire.

Van geekdot

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08-03-2021, 22:06

Thanks a ton @mars2000you and @Repair-Bas!

Ok, so I got the worst revision... If I ever need to get down to the mainboard, it will be like paving a path through the jungle. Wink
Just out of curiosity, what language is /09 then?

And finally: Does the 8280 also suffer the "broken-audio syndrome"? So would I need to install the OpAmp mod from @luppie, too?

Again, thanks for helping this humble MSX newbie!

Van Meits

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08-03-2021, 22:15

The 8280 has the same audio problems as the 8250/55.

Van Manuel

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08-03-2021, 23:53

https://www.msx.org/wiki/Philips_NMS_8280 says the 09 is for the German market with a QWERTZ keyboard.

In MSX-BASIC, type a 0 and check whether it has a slash or a dot in the middle :)