I've written a book on assembly programming!

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Van pizzapower

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24-02-2021, 18:34

Is there a recommended way to study the subject matter? For instance, using the book as support material for your video tutorials?

Van keith56

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25-02-2021, 00:32

pizzapower wrote:

Is there a recommended way to study the subject matter? For instance, using the book as support material for your video tutorials?

The examples in the book are based on those from the simple series, but either the book or the videos should work 'on their own'... Do whichever you prefer, the only thing I'd suggest is if you read the book, and it doesn't 'click' with you, try watching some of the videos, as everyone learns from different media differently, personally I prefer to read and modify sample code, but others do not.

Chilly Willy wrote:

Just curious why the decision to go with 15 different CPU's instead of one at a time.
Master one then go to the next.
My personal interest is use write a program that takes over the entire machine like an Amiga Demo.

Not sure what you mean by '15 cpus' - the book only covers 5, and I don't cover that many on my youtube channel... but the answer is simple, economics and channel viability, The book has made $1200 dollars so far, and the Youtube channel makes $250 a month and has 7000 subs - I put approx 30 hours a week into all this, basically every hour I have spare... If I covered '1/15th of the CPUs' I'd almost certainly have 1/15th of the YT subs, and make 1/15 of the book Sales and patreons - there's no way I could keep justify doing that much work.

'Mastering' a system could take a lifetime, I've used the CPC since I was 6, and I don't consider myself to have 'mastered' it, so if I worked in that way, I would have never even touched an MSX.
Also I almost never use the firmware of systems I cover, writing my own functions and interrupt handlers, so does that not count as 'taking over the entire machine?'

Van albs_br

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25-02-2021, 15:49

Sorry for going a little off-topic here.

But, in my opinion, to know other machines (even at a "Hello World" level) opens up a whole new world of possibilities, as there are other people, communitities, tools, programming environment, etc. For example I learned a lot of cool tricks when doing some basic game development for Game Boy. Most of these are useful on MSX and other machines (Game Boy uses a Z80 variant). Many are programming or game design techniques that are universal and can be used on any other system.

Currently I'm involved with: MSX1, GB, MSX2, x86 (the last two at a Hello World level for now).

Just my two cents.

Van thegeps

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27-02-2021, 22:04

Just ordered mine!

Van thegeps

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02-03-2021, 17:16

Van Chilly Willy

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03-03-2021, 06:52

I wish I knew how to PM you because someone seriously did you wrong mate.

I do not know if it is your publisher, Amazon or whomever but if you search for your ISBN number as in
ISBN-{I deleted the number to make things harder -hamlet}
You can download your book for free in like 10 different places.

Like I said, I wish I knew how to PM you because anyone can see this thread and DL your book so once you read this I would ask the admin to delete it but it was the only way I could give you a heads up.

If I were you I would seriously come down hard on Amazon.

Van RvS

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03-03-2021, 08:43

Just because you can, does not mean you should.
I just bought the book on Amazon. Thanks for the great work!
I am going to enjoy learning 6502 and 68000 assembly.

Van santiontanon

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03-03-2021, 21:23

That's unfortunate, but it's bound to happen, as it happens with most other books. The best we can do if we want to see these types of books coming out is to purchase them legally to support the author, and then read and enjoy them Smile I got my kindle version and also look forward to learn 6502 assembler!

Van keith56

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04-03-2021, 05:39

Yes, It was basically inevitable that it would leak as a PDF, the kindle book was un-DRMed - I'm not sure it was even an option to DRM it and get the 70% royalty on digital - the DRM is crackable anyway

This book was an experiment, When push comes to shove, it's simple.... If 99% of the sales are physical because the digital readers ripped it off, then there will be no digital copy 'next time'

If the book doesn't earn enough money in total, there will be no next time... that said, book sales are currently very good, the book has sold 200 physical and 50 digital copies... I'd hope to see total sales of 500 units before I would plan to make another one, so it's already halfway there... I'd require sales of 2500 units to consider a 'z80 only' book.

Van S0urceror

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04-03-2021, 08:24

Ok, that's it, I just went out and bought the book on Amazon. I think it is important to support these efforts. Keep up the good work Keith!

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