Thunderbirds to the rescue HD patch

Door TheKid

Paragon (1175)

afbeelding van TheKid

10-01-2021, 11:47

Someone in the community pointed me to the fact that if you own Thunderbirds to the rescue diskette version and you want to install it on a harddrive or CF, it doesn't work since some files with the same name are overwritten.

I did some renaming and changing some listings and put the patch downloadable on our site. So, if you are interested check the Delta Soft site in the download section.

The patch consists of a zipfile with 3 dsk images, which can be used to overwrite the original takeoff diskettes.

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Van Randam

Paragon (1323)

afbeelding van Randam

10-01-2021, 12:49

Thanks for the patch TheKid!! I played it with diskimages but this will indeed be helpful.