Wiped Carnivore 2 Flash ROM

Door dublevay

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06-01-2021, 00:29

I've had my Carnivore 2 working, but tonight decided to re-initialise it and clean up. I followed the instructions a little too literally, and wiped the Flash ROM - thinking it would just erase the game ROMs I'd installed.

Although the Carnivore still works - i.e. after soft boot, it shows 1088K RAM, I cannot boot into anything but MSX Disk Basic 1. The machine is a Sony HB-F1XV.

I have an old, working PC with proper floppy drive, and have copied the BIOS BINs, as well as the MSX Disk BASIC files and C2... files across to a 720KB floppy disk, but I cannot seem to run anything from that disk.

How can I restore the Flash ROM please?


John Eek!

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Van dublevay

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06-01-2021, 00:33

Thinking about it, the floppy is not bootable. I will try that first.

Van dublevay

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06-01-2021, 01:02

Apologies - I'm sorted.

Found the MSX-DOS DSK image. Downloaded an old version of WinImage that would run on my fairly vanilla non-networked Windows XP SP3 (4) machine. Wrote the image to a DS-DD floppy. That booted the MSX2+ perfectly and then I simply swapped disks to the one which had all of the Nextor files etc on it.

One bonus is that I now have the 2.41 boot loader instead of 2.40 - but the panic may not have been worth the reward!! LOL.

Van Alexey

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06-01-2021, 10:50

To remove all game ROMs from the FlashROM it's enough to erase the directory. Erasing the FlashROM kills everything including Boot Menu, IDE BIOS, FMPAC BIOS and the directory. Glad that you sorted it out.