I just finished Snatcher (Sega CD)

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Van fondacio

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26-04-2007, 20:14

I'd say the atmosphere of any version of Snatcher is a whole lot darker than that of SD Snatcher. In fact, it is literally darker: much of SD Snatcher takes place in daylight, while Snatcher is set in the evening and night. And of course, the stories are quite different. I played the Sega CD version of Snatcher and loved it, although there is one particular scene towards the end that is far more difficult than anything else in the game and that almost spoilt it for me, until I beat it that is. By then, you are at the end of the third act, which the MSX version lacks - it ends at Act II. I've tried to play the English translation of Snatcher in an emulator, but it really was too slow. The main reason I wanted to play it through, was to hear how the tunes sounded in their SCC versions. But there are of course other ways to do that, so I gave up. Crying

Oh, and one final remark: what is really missing from all other Snatcher versions than the MSX version is the opening tune - Twilight of Neo Kobe City. I wish they would have kept that one.

Van nikodr

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27-04-2007, 01:37

I cannot understand why konami did not take advantage of the msx2+ in those games.Not in the sense of compatibility (example this game runs on msx,msx2 and msx2+).But to use the features of the vdp 9958,konami created a cartridge add for sound the scc why not use the 9958 too?.Since they did not think that original psg could do what they wanted,why did not they do the same with the 9938 ?the 9958 is superior.And snatcher and many other games could take advantage of that.

I know that many of you will say "how many msx2+ systems were bought by people back in the 1990ies?".Well snatcher could really be a good game if konami wanted to make it so.

Sd snatcher on the other hand is one of the best games for me.

Van ro

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27-04-2007, 07:58

so euh, ANYONE ever played and actually finished Snatcher on MSX?

SDS is most def one of the best overall games ever made for MSX (IMAMOO), the best RGP.. dunno. SDS is more a action adventure with RPG style game. I think XAK and YS series deserve the king tittle.

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Van Samor

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27-04-2007, 09:50

yeah, I finished Snatcher on MSX. It's a bit weird to have the third act missing; on the other hand, I always thought act 3 felt a bit rushed compared to the other two.

Van fondacio

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27-04-2007, 21:03

nikodr, in what way do you think Konami could have taken advantage of the V9958 in Snatcher? Its main advantage is, after all, in its scroll capabilities - I don't see how this could have improved the gaming experience. And the way the graphics were designed, I also don't see any significant benefits in using the advanced colour features the V9958 had to offer, especially considering Snatcher takes place on screen 7 with its high resolution.

Van Sonic_aka_T

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27-04-2007, 21:53

Dunno, I think SNATCHER could've been brill on the V9958. Just imagine how cool the game would look with the backgrounds in YJK colors and normal palette colors for the characters on the foreground. Would've been cool as shiiite. Of course this would've made little commercial sense, but the graphics certainly would've been a whole lot cooler... The text could've just been done in high-res of course; even Konami could do a mode-split! Tongue

Van nikodr

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28-04-2007, 11:44

Fondacio i think Sonic_aka_T answers your question very wellSmileIndeed msx2+ 9958 had some greater resolutions,snatcher had lots of images that could benefit from those better resolutions.I just have to agree about the text. and high-res.I understand that probably the reason was that konami just started to ignore msx standar in 1990.After metal gear 2 i think they stopped (or was it another one maybe after that,i have to check possi's konami site).

Definetely they continued to support nes until 1992 (game "contra force" was developed for nes by konami 1992).

I think the reason konami dropped support and software for msx standar was piracy.A friend that lived in france and amsterdam told me that many times konami titles were imported by pirates months before their official european release (they were imported from japan).So noone would go to buy a game that has been available for sale hacked and cracked and adapted to disk 3-4 months before the official release in the country.

However i still think that konami did marvelous job with the title space manbow,and it is a shame that only one title took advantage of some more advanced msx features( the game "f1 spirit 3d special")

Van hap

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28-04-2007, 15:02

Definetely they continued to support nes until 1992
+1 year more even, their last NES game is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters (long title Tongue )

I don't think they quit supporting MSX because of piracy. They just moved onto the more profitable current console/computer generation. Though it is a possibility they stopped caring about the European MSX region due to piracy.

Van fondacio

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28-04-2007, 15:39

Sonic_aka_T and nikodr, you do realise that adjusting the graphics of Snatcher to take advantage of the colour capabilities of the V9958 would have involved completely remaking the graphics, right? Because almost the only way you can do anything useful with those 19268, sorry 12499+16 colours is by digitising the graphics. Porting them from the PC88 would be impossible, and the horizontal resolution would be half that of the version that was released, not to mention that you'd have to take account of the color spill-like effects over every four pixels when using YJK. Also, I've never seen a screensplit between screen 8 YJK mode - screen 7... Moreover, this would have made the game completely unsuitable for MSX2, and I don't think MSX2+ in itself had sufficient marketshare in Japan to warrant this.

By the way, afaik, Konami Europe did drop support for MSX partly because of piracy, but probably also because the MSX2 market was too small in Europe overall, partly because of software piracy where this market even existed. So it wasn't worth it to produce European versions of Contra, Space Manbow and Quarth, let alone make expensive conversions of games like Snatcher, SD Snatcher and Solid Snake. That's why Nemesis 3 was the last title released in a European version - isn't it also Konami's last MSX1 game? I don't think piracy was a relevant factor in Japan, but the shrinking market and the better opportunities to earn a lot of money on other platforms were.

Van GhostwriterP

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28-04-2007, 16:57

Also, I've never seen a screensplit between screen 8 YJK mode - screen 7...Tetris II by RAM!Smile

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