The great "Where do you live"-thread

The great "Where do you live"-thread

van hamlet op 21-09-2020, 21:52
Onderwerp: MSX Related

For some time now, we let our members card a little harmless, now did SLotman bring it back to life. The "Where dod you live" thread has already grown enormously, which speaks for our strong community.
Please enter your homebase on our card, alternatively you are invited to give us more information about you.
A positive effect is, that you might find a neighbor you didn't expect to find there.
Maybe an increased number of MSX users in an area will give you the opportunity for a meeting?
So go and set your flag!

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Reacties (16)

Van defdanny

Master (254)

afbeelding van defdanny

21-09-2020, 23:34

Finally added myself to the map.

Van 黑い人健

Supporter (6)

afbeelding van 黑い人健

24-09-2020, 06:56

Could anyone tell me how to add myself?

Van Bodhi1969

Expert (89)

afbeelding van Bodhi1969

24-09-2020, 13:46

Do you have to be signed in to set a marker?

Van Sylvester

Hero (520)

afbeelding van Sylvester

24-09-2020, 14:47

Yes, you need to be logged in with a google account, then you will see an edit link:

Then put your location in the search bar on the map and press enter to search you location.

And with the add marker (black balloon below the search bar) you can add your location.

Van Bodhi1969

Expert (89)

afbeelding van Bodhi1969

24-09-2020, 15:24

Thanks Sylvester, I will try it later, when I can log in.

Van tfh

Prophet (2839)

afbeelding van tfh

24-09-2020, 16:21

Cool, updated my entry Smile

Van Bodhi1969

Expert (89)

afbeelding van Bodhi1969

24-09-2020, 19:43

Hmm, the next colleage is about 250 km from me - germany is a poor MSX region, indeed. oO

Van novice

Supporter (5)

afbeelding van novice

25-09-2020, 10:58

Thanks to Sylvester for pointing out how to add myself too!

Van chpicolo

Rookie (32)

afbeelding van chpicolo

26-09-2020, 05:26

Campinas, SP, Brazil.
Where all Studio 700 software was born. (But this location is on a new address since 1992.)

Van 黑い人健

Supporter (6)

afbeelding van 黑い人健

27-09-2020, 02:46

Thanks, everyone☆
I added myself on Fuji city☆

Van conceitedjerk

Rookie (17)

afbeelding van conceitedjerk

29-09-2020, 00:29

Added myself. Winnipeg, Canada. Kinda lonely over here by myself!

Van max_iwamoto

Hero (515)

afbeelding van max_iwamoto

29-09-2020, 02:27

conceitedjerk wrote:

Added myself. Winnipeg, Canada. Kinda lonely over here by myself!

Well, you are not alone...

Van Turrebo

Expert (79)

afbeelding van Turrebo

11-10-2020, 16:39

Great initiative!
Added myself to the map.

@Sylvester Thanks for explaining how to place a marker on Google maps.

Van Meits

Scribe (6355)

afbeelding van Meits

11-10-2020, 17:46

Something weird seems to have happened (or I'm just very n00b). In the bar to the left in the MSX Users list I only see the description of the users. By clicking on that description the name shows up. This used to be the other way around oO

Van hamlet

Scribe (3542)

afbeelding van hamlet

11-10-2020, 23:43

The disadvantage is that anyone can play around with this card and make changes. I hope we all treat it with respect.
I have undone the changes, now the names appear again in the listing.

Van SkalTura

Champion (315)

afbeelding van SkalTura

16-10-2020, 10:56

Another one from Tilburg added to the map ;-)