New book "The MSX-DOS revealed" to be funded!

New book "The MSX-DOS revealed" to be funded!

van rjp op 18-08-2020, 22:31
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Here goes the fundraising campaign to finish the book about MSX-DOS, "The MSX-DOS revealed". It'll have at least 220 pages, six chapters and one appendix. It'll cover almost all information about MSX-DOS 1, MSX-DOS 2, Nextor, MSX-DOS Tools, utililties, Disk-BASIC 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, tips and tricks to boost your performance using your MSX.

It's written in Portuguese, and the fundraising campaign is in the Kickante site until October 10th. There are many rewards, as printed and digital copies of the book, T-shirts, pens and badge chains with our beloved computer logo. International shipment is not included (only to Braziil).

Hope you enjoy it! Maybe in the future the author would translate it to English, if there are people interested.

BTW, tanu_kino authorized the author to use MSX-DOS tan in the book covers. Pretty, isn't it?

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  • New book "The MSX-DOS revealed" to be funded!
  • New book "The MSX-DOS revealed" to be funded!

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Enlighted (6865)

afbeelding van ARTRAG

19-08-2020, 21:54

Any English version planned?

Van yustmenl

Rookie (32)

afbeelding van yustmenl

20-08-2020, 09:29

ARTRAG wrote:

Any English version planned?

same question i had, could be interested but my Portugese is a bit rusty.

Van Parn

Paladin (800)

afbeelding van Parn

20-08-2020, 14:17

The crowdfunding effort is already successful. I posted a commentary asking about the possibility of an English version.

Van novice

Supporter (7)

afbeelding van novice

20-08-2020, 20:37

An English version I would definitely buy! Hopefully the success of this first Portuguese version will be big enough that an English version will be considered as well.

Van rjp

Master (193)

afbeelding van rjp

21-08-2020, 06:09

Well, I'm considering an English version of my book, for sure. I'd translate it to English, but I'll spend some time doing this work. Remember, I'm not a professional translator, only a wannabe writer. LOL!

I'll need to know any services where the book can be printed on demand, too. I know that Amazon has this service, but I don't know all the details. Does anybody can help me? The shipping costs to send it from Brazil to worldwide would be really high.

I was thinking about a fundraising campaign, like Kickstarter... Sure, I'll think about this. Shocked!

PS: A friend of mine, who made all the DTP stuff, asked me about a Spanish version of the book. Geez, I can only read Spanish very badly. And a Spanish translator would cost it too much. So, I can consider only an English translation of the book.

Van Manuel

Ascended (18958)

afbeelding van Manuel

26-08-2020, 10:10

Ask wimpie, who published his Konami book.

What is Disk Basic 3.0 anyway?

Van rjp

Master (193)

afbeelding van rjp

26-08-2020, 16:58

Sure, I'l talk with him about it.

Disk-BASIC 3.0 = Nextor's Disk-BASIC. Cool

Van Bodhi1969

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afbeelding van Bodhi1969

21-09-2020, 21:46

@ rjp
1. An english version I would definetly buy.
2. The site brings very good translating results. It also covers portugese and even brasilian portugese. :)

Van rjp

Master (193)

afbeelding van rjp

26-09-2020, 23:17

1) First I need to finish this fundraising campaign. It'll be a nightmare, for sure! Big smile
2) I'll take a look at this URL. But I think a book should be professionally translated. I can translate it to English, but I'll need somebody who can review my translation. And it isn't cheap.

BTW, 210% of the goal, and more than 100 books sold. Thanks to everyone.