Levels Super Daisenryaku and Master of Monsters can be converted | Info on campaigns helpful

Door Randam

Paragon (1367)

afbeelding van Randam

16-08-2020, 22:43

After some tinkering around with the level data Master of Monsters levels can be converted to Super Daisenryaku levels and vice versa. MoM campaign levels can be converted to regular Super Daisenryaku levels too. Hopefully it is also possible to create new campaigns by combining sets of levels for Master of Monsters. So if people want user levels to be converted it can be done.

I am not that well known with the campaigns in masters of monsters. Is there someone who knows if campaigns always end after 8 levels as on default map disks probably happens (campaigns 9-16 fill out the campaign with repeats of campaign 1), or if you can change it by just putting more unique campaign levels on a disk?

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