How to access undocumented z80-instructions in SDCC (sdasz80)?

Door Bengalack

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16-08-2020, 10:59

I've tried to find an easy way to enable the undocumented instructions. Is there a way? An option like "-enable_undocumented" would be preferable. I need it as I develop the "foundation" in C and then mix this highly with assembly code.

I figured out a workaround though, making my own macros, but it's a bit more work and not as "clean" Smile

.macro ld____d_iyh
	.db 0xFD, 0x54	; 10 MSX cycles

.macro ld____e_iyl
	.db 0xFD, 0x5D	; 10 MSX cycles

.macro ld____iyh_d
	.db 0xFD, 0x62	; 10 MSX cycles

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Van Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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16-08-2020, 15:15

If only SDCC assembler could synch/catch-up its upstream ASxxxx cross assemblers, ASxxxx's asz80 assembler has some undocumented Z80 instructions. See BP.4.11 Z80 Undocumented Instructions paragraph of ASxxxx Cross Assembler Documentation.

Van Bengalack

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16-08-2020, 20:11

Nice. I got hopeful now, but as you say, that version is not included in SDCC. From the new documentation (2019), it seems like one can just add ".z80u" as a directive in the code. Nice. But not nice that SDDC includes a version from 2012 Sad


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