Toshiba HX-10 Composite Video Output

Door gw1sxp2939

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10-07-2020, 15:14


Does anyone know why my Toshiba HX-10 does not show the usual blue background through the composite video output, instead the output is grey.




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Van CASDuino

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10-07-2020, 18:23

Is it blue through AV?
Have you tried typing in color 15,1,1
Are you using the correct cable?

Van gw1sxp2939

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10-07-2020, 21:45

Hi CASDuino,

Thanks for responding.

Yes, I am using the correct cable.

Will try your suggestions.

Thanks again.



Van Wild_Penguin

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13-07-2020, 20:06

Do you have any color anywhere?

The HX-10 does not have a non-volatile RAM to store settings (very few MSX1 machines have it), which means it should produce the default blue at bootup time. So you don't need to type the command suggested by CASDuino, although it is still good test in principle. You can try other color combinations, or trying any cartridge game (if you have any) would be another easy way to test other colors.

If it is still B&W then probably your TV is expecting a different kind of signal you are feeding it. Most HX-10s should output composite trough RCA (so there is very little chance to use a wrong kind of cable), only one model can output RGB trough a DIN connector, unless I've missed something by a quick glance of the Wiki. You can do a more in-depth check with the help of the wiki yourself. But also, IIRC, NTSC and PAL composite signals are a bit different - many TVs can sync to both 50Hz and 60Hz composite, but can not decode the color signal. All this brings up a few questions:

Are you using this on a PAL TV, or an NTSC TV (or something else)?

Are you sure your TV is not set to S-Video (as that would certainly bring about B&W picture, if you feed composite to luminance)?

Which HX-10 are you specifically using?

HTH! B-)