Which laserdisc-players can be used with the MSX?

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Van Serico

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06-04-2007, 18:12

Ok, i guess i can only play these laserdisc-games if i have a Pioneer PX-V7 or PX-7?
Or else to work on any MSX i need the Pioneer ER-101?

This would be almost impossible because i don't recall ever seen a PX-V7 or ER-101 on Ebay (or else).

Has anybody ever tried to play the laserdisc-games with a NTSC player (like LD-700) and a PX-7 (PAL)?
Could this work?

Van Manuel

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06-04-2007, 18:29

As the article says (I think), it doesn't work. Ask STT to be sure.

The LD Basic also needs some hardware: the audio channel of the laserdisc should be routed through the MSX to load the game program from it.

Van Serico

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06-04-2007, 18:37


Van jltursan

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afbeelding van jltursan

06-04-2007, 19:04

Serial connection?, I see....; so, my LD it's not "compatible" at all... Tongue

About the availability of the PX-7, this one is from two days ago....

eBay link

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

06-04-2007, 20:33

Serico: he wrote the article and he has a web site with some info and stuff.

Van Serico

Master (151)

afbeelding van Serico

06-04-2007, 21:08

Ok, thanks manuel. I will contact him.

If anyone else has more info on possible MSX laserdisc-setups please contact me.

Also when you have some MSX laserdisc equipment or games for sale don't hasitate to mail me at fhjhuizinga@tiscali.nl

Van Yukio

Paragon (1540)

afbeelding van Yukio

24-05-2007, 15:37

I think that some Laserdisc system with RS-232 would be MSX compatible. The problem is that there is no replayer or arcade game coded for MSX computers. There is some old games that use a Z80 machine to play Laser Disc games with RS-232. If someone make a MSX-like Z80 code it would play on MSX computers equipped with Atari controlers ...

Van mohai

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04-06-2007, 23:05

The PX-7 has several connectors in the backside to connect several laserdisc models. It has a Din and 3 jacks (DIN and 2 jacks for OUT, other jack for IN)
As the CLD-3090 has 2 jacks also, it is probably compatible.
You will have to find out which pinout is the one you need. PX-7 has 2 "OUT" jacks: one is stereo jack and the other one is mono type, but only one is used at a time.
As the manual says, a simple stereo cable is needed from "out" (in the PX-7) to "in" (in the Laserdisc).

As you can see, CLD-3090 has duplicated video and audio output. These are to see the original picture and the mixed picture in different monitors...

Van nikodr

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afbeelding van nikodr

04-06-2007, 23:16

Are there any of these players emulated on emulators like bluemsx ?So if could find isos of the games,would it be possible to be played on emulators?

Van Sd-Snatcher

Hero (582)

afbeelding van Sd-Snatcher

05-06-2007, 01:08

The difficult with iso is the Laserdisk is analog not digital, every RIP you can find is make digitizing the laserdisk.

Now you have daphne emulator and mame is almost ready to play laserdisk, so i think in a future we can play it with bluemsx and/or openmsx.

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