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Van DamnedAngel

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09-06-2020, 21:50

Briqunullus wrote:

I don't think these can be edited on a PC. They are not plain text files.

In fact, it CAN be a plain text file. MSX-BASIC will treat it, when opening, as if the user was typing the lines and then execute it.

*BUT*, if the intent is to run LOADROM (which is a MSX-DOS executable), it is better to use AUTOEXECT.BAT, which is a MSX-DOS script, not a MSX-BASIC program.

Van Manuel

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09-06-2020, 22:36

You would be much better off with a Carnivore 2 or MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD or some other flash device with ROM mapper support and mass storage... You would get SCC sound included and practically all Konami ROMs (and many others as well) will work pretty well.

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