Nobuaki Washio is an avid Japanese MSX developer, perhaps better known as ghost_jp on this site.
An artist responsible for single-handedly unleashing instant classics on our beloved platform, of which many were submitted to the ongoing MSXdev competition. Examples are Draconic Throne, Zevimodoki, Buddhagillie and Shoulder Blade Overdrive.

The current project that he's working on takes us to feudal Japan in glorious parallax scrolling, huge sprite exhibiting screen 3 graphics. This time, we'll be a fearless samurai taking on several supernatural and magnificent foes.
As how many of mister Washio's works ended up, this one is no exception in being slated for enjoying a lustrious cartridge release.
To see more of his craft, you can have a look at his YouTube channel.

Relevant link: ghost_jp on Twitter

Reacties (3)

Van hamlet

Scribe (3121)

afbeelding van hamlet

08-06-2020, 19:57

I remember Iligks episode IV as the only SCR3 game. ghost_jp is doing a great job here.

Van tfh

Prophet (2316)

afbeelding van tfh

08-06-2020, 20:08

Really, REALLY impressive!

Van ray2day

Hero (519)

afbeelding van ray2day

08-06-2020, 20:43

BIG, I mean really BIG...

...sprites! oO