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Door Popolon

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07-06-2020, 08:34

I'm looking for a list (or better a download link) of all msx chess games.
Anybody an help me?


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Van msx45

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07-06-2020, 10:13

Hello ,
i know these games :

Checkmate (1985)(Toshiba)
Chess Player (1988)(Eurosoft)
Chess (1984)(Sapporo)
Chess Game 2, The (1986)(Bytebusters)
Chess Game, The (1985)(Eaglesoft)
Chess Master (1985)(Philips)
Chessmaster 2000, The (1989)(Drosoft)
Colossus 4 Chess (1986)(CD Systems)
Cyrus 2 Chess (1985)(Intelligent)
Kenpelen Chess (1988)(Pony Cannon)
Master Chess (19xx)(-)
Mega Chess (1987)(Genesis)
Msx Chess Turbo Chess (1986)(Artic)
Super Chess (1984)(Kuma)
The Chess Player (1988)(Eurosoft)
Ultra Chess (1985)(Aackosoft)
Warchess (1986)(Idealogic)

Van tfh

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07-06-2020, 10:38

Well, here are a few:
As for download links, I'm afraid we aren't allowed to post these over here, but Google should be able to help you out ;-)

Van theNestruo

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07-06-2020, 10:46

Don't forget ExChess (Garlic Soft, 2012) from the MSXdev'11 competition ( and, hence, available for download.

Van Popolon

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07-06-2020, 16:57

Thanks ,thats a nice list to start with.

Anohter question,which is the best chess game? Msx2,msx2+...maybe a japan one that europe didnt see?
Maybe chessmaster 2000 because is the last and with the stronger engine?

Van Manuel

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07-06-2020, 16:54

Define what you think a chess game is good. Playing strength? Usability? Graphics?

Van Popolon

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07-06-2020, 16:59

Playing strenght.

But It will be nice to see a good graphinc msx2,msx2+ one

Van tfh

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07-06-2020, 17:08

For MSX2 you have The Chess Game 2, but I don't know how well its playing strength is.
Altough not MSX, I really liked Battle Chess. You can play it here.

Van Randam

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07-06-2020, 17:20

Don't forget Akanbe Dragon, although that is an odd ball out. I do have a nice analogue Konami style Penguin chess set. Always thought it to be a great inspiration for a not too serious chess game: