Changing mapping of space bar

Door Samor

Prophet (2070)

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31-05-2020, 18:26

Is it possible to change the mapping of the space bar to some other key (like one of the ctrl or alt keys?)
If not already, I think this would be a handy feature because lots of pc keyboards suffer from ghosting; it would be nice to be able to swap some keys around so you can play nemesis properly on any keyboard.

KdL implemented something similar in the ocm firmware (windows key as spacebar); in the case of openmsx the windows key probably isn't an option but some other key(s) would be.

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Van Manuel

Ascended (17702)

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31-05-2020, 18:47

It is possible to let other keys generate the space bar keypress as well. But it is a bit of a hassle (I should still write a script to make it easier...)
An example:

bind lalt,alt {keymatrixdown 4 4}
bind lalt,release {keymatrixup 4 4}

Check the keymatrix for these numbers (row 4, bit that belongs to the number 4):
I think space is 8 0.

In the latest development build (and upcoming release), the ,alt can be left out.

Van Samor

Prophet (2070)

afbeelding van Samor

01-06-2020, 12:07

Thanks Smile