Somebody got a steal...

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28-05-2020, 12:15

Okay I just have to share this. I usually try to keep an eye on every MSX listing that comes for sale in Japan that I'm able to find. I didn't get it, but this has to be the best deal I've seen someone get on an MSX game for the past several years. I'm pretty sure this game would go over the 100k yen mark if it had been on Yahoo Auctions. Which also begs the question... why are many Pony Canyon games so difficult to find?

I was asleep when this came up, and the listings are only available in Japan for a couple days, so I would not have had much chance to snag it anyway, but it blew my mind when I saw this sold listing. At least I didn't miss out on Gulkave, but this would have made a nice trade for it at least...

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Van uberjack

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28-05-2020, 16:41

Goddamn it! I've been looking for this game for ages.

Van wbahnassi

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28-05-2020, 20:14

Me three

Van defdanny

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28-05-2020, 21:03

Hi guys,
I just saw that the discussion is about the game "Alpharoid"?
Someone offered me this game, but it seems to be a diskette version (released by Eaglesoft)
Is there a difference to the cartridge version, other than the rarity (maybe?).

Van uberjack

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29-05-2020, 07:35

As a general rule, cartridges tend to be worth more than diskettes - unless the game was never released as a cartridge.

Van BitSquad

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29-05-2020, 16:43

The game is likely the same, but the monetary value won't be close unless you Jedi mind trick someone into valuing it that way. Wink

Value for MSX games is odd. Konami games will be worth more on their European releases vs Japanese, but I've never really seen that apply to anything other than Konami. Japanese Pony Canyon games have their own collectors value. A few of them are some of the most valuable MSX games period.

But 80%-90% of the collectors value is in the box and manual. You can find a loose copy of AlphaRoid. It's finding the complete one that is a miracle. Somebody was blessed by the MSX Kami on that day.