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14-04-2020, 19:54

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post an introduction as I am new to the MSX and this site. I'm from Buffalo, NY and having a lot of time on my hands due to social distancing finally allowed me to pull the trigger in purchasing an MSX. I'm a huge fan of laserdisc games and the Palcom LDs were the primary reason I decided to jump into MSX. Unfortunately my MSX Palcom game playing is off to a bad start (, but I'm sure I'll get the thing running sooner than later!

So far it's just MSX1 for me until I get my LD games working, but I really enjoyed Knightmare and Athletic Land is pretty good too (my first 2 games). My friends will only play old sports games with me, so I have a few of those on the way for post quarantine multi-player as well.

One question. I know the MSX gamea are region free, but will PAL games play at the wrong speed on a Japanese MSX? My Knightmare seems to be playing okay, but despite the auction saying it was a NTSC game, when I received it the game came with a European manual. This will be helpful info as I look to pick up a few more games, thanks!

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Van hamlet

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14-04-2020, 20:21

Welcome to the wonderful world of standard computing.
I'm probably getting into a lot of trouble now, but the PAL frequency won't have to bother you for now.
All Japanese games, including the Konami titles you mentioned, were released as 60Hz versions, in Europe we were used to enjoy them at a more leisurely pace. European titles were of course first released in 50 Hz mode, but later titles were often 60 Hz, which actually became the welcome standard. So you are well prepared with your PalCom.
The games of the first years are really recommendable, I myself spent countless hours with them (which I would have invested better for school), but please also look for new creations. What our developers have conjured up in the last years, we would never have dreamed of in the 80s. From shooters to RPGs and action platforms you will find everything. Have fun!

Van Manuel

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14-04-2020, 21:56

There are no PAL or NTSC games on MSX Smile

Van mars2000you

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14-04-2020, 22:33

Manuel wrote:

There are no PAL or NTSC games on MSX Smile

The MSX LaserDisc games are only in the NTSC format.

Van Juanmi

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14-04-2020, 22:45


There are no PAL or NTSC games on MSX

Only japanish Metal Gear Wink

Van Manuel

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14-04-2020, 22:52

Alright, out of the thousands of games there's a handful of exceptions. But you won't find the words PAL or NTSC on MSX game boxes.

Van TheClash603

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14-04-2020, 23:04

Appreciate the responses everyone!

The only bad news is now I can't blame the broken speed of the game for when I die in Knightmare...

After I figure out this LD situation, then I need to figure out where to get some VHDs. Though from my internet research, it seems they are near impossible to find, so maybe I'll just play Hyper Sports instead.