ROM SLOTID DOUBT: Can an inserted rom become logically scattered around the slotid ROM space? (as RAM might do?)

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Van sdsnatcher73

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15-03-2020, 14:16

spacemoai1973 wrote:

Stop writing nonsense. The fact of the matter is that a cartridge has no control at all of which slot it appears in.

A normal ROM game will not listen to and act on these slot select signals but they are present and extensions are able to use them. Maybe you read about Carnivore2 supporting dual ROM in 2 primary slots? It is an upcoming feature and this uses those signals to present to the MSX a ROM in the physical slot the Carnivore2 is inserted in, and another ROM in an unused primary slot. It seems like witchcraft but certainly is possible!

Still I can understand this would seem nonsensical if you grew up with MSX in the 80’s because these features were not used a lot and unknown to many.

Van spacemoai1973

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15-03-2020, 15:17

I'd really like to know by which signals this would be possible. A cartridge only knows its private Slot Select signal, which is active when its slot is accessed. There are no signals that identify which slot is being addressed at any moment.

Ok, I suppose you could do this by monitoring the I/O to the primary slot register, keeping a local mirror of it, and monitoring the address bus, and then force values on the databus (hoping there is no cartridge in the other slot causing bus conflicts)... This would really be RAPING the MSX standard in many different ways though!

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