Question about the BLOAD "image", S

Door ericb59

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10-03-2020, 10:53


I tried to find the answer to this question, but without success ...

- What is the buffer amount used when you are using the Basic instruction : Bload "image",s. ?
and what is the adress of this buffer ?

any idea ?

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10-03-2020, 12:28

It uses the free space between BASIC program end and start of system variables. CLEAR-command has some effect to the buffer size also IIRC.

Van Parn

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10-03-2020, 20:16

If you want your images to load very slowly just use something like this:

10 CLEAR FRE(0)-10
30 I$=INPUT$(1)

Very evil! Mwahaha.

Van ericb59

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11-03-2020, 19:10

Thank you guys ! Smile Smile