An idea of a "Batch" utility for C2/MFR etc

Door robodrunk

Resident (50)

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15-02-2020, 06:50

Hi Community,

I have an idea to make a PC (GUI) app that may help users prepare some sort of a ROM batch on PC, creating some (binary/)data file that could be then copied to a storage device to be readable on MSX. Then using some device-aware tool upload that file contents into device, creating multiple, usable entries for testing/playing.
The whole point is to let users have "offline" collections that can be moved into devices with least pain and hassle.
(Just in case I own both C2 and MFR)
Of course, playing with software in MSX-DOS, MM etc is a special sort of fun, but why not to making it pleasant and easy for users.
Ideally, these lists could be also tested on virtual devices in some OpenMSX etc.
This way I would just have a number of prepared and tested collections ready to be "installed" into C2/MFR for real MSX.

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Van Vampier

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15-02-2020, 07:05

I'm working on a huge ROM collection - but It won't be public until I make sure I don't have any roms that are still for sale included.