60 Mhz/50 Mhz

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17-01-2020, 23:27

Can I use games like Quarth or Hinotori on my Philips VG 8235? Question

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Van Manuel

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17-01-2020, 23:35

Yes. They just run a bit slower, but are perfectly playable.

By the way: you mean 50/60 Hz, not MHz.... Tongue

Van Parn

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17-01-2020, 23:46

Short answer: yes!

Long answer: you can use the original cartridges without problems. But if you don't have the original cartridges, the answer will depend on your specific configuration.

Now if you're just asking whether those games, originally made for 60Hz Japanese systems, have any kind of incompatibility with your computer, the answer is... Kinda. Hinotori runs slower in 50Hz. Quarth, on the other way, seems to compensate, since it doesn't look slower to me.

EDIT: I tested on openMSX and it seems the Quarth ROM I have switches 60Hz on.

Van Meits

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18-01-2020, 00:15

Quarth is always 60Hz. Some of the later Konamis are hardcoded to 60Hz. Older games don't touch the frequency. Will make them go slower than intended on PAL machines.

Van gdx

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18-01-2020, 09:03

To get Quarth at 50Hz, you have to replace the bytes 80h by 82h at addresses 0C49h, 0C5Ch, 0C6Fh, 0C82h, 0C95h and 0CA4h in ROM file with an hexa editor.


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18-01-2020, 09:47

When MSX tR was produced Intel was making already 50MHz and 60MHz CPUs... This last MSX model had anyway just 7MHz CPU.

Van Manuel

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18-01-2020, 15:40

But 28.6 MHz crystal Tongue

Van AnsiStar

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20-01-2020, 11:26

Thank you for your answers and your help! Smile
I try to get some Konami games for my old collection. But the prices on ebay….Puhh! Big smile