MSX-game of the decade 2010-2019

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Van valkyre

Hero (570)

afbeelding van valkyre

11-12-2019, 21:32

This 5 take some beating!
1- codename intruder
2-prisoner of war
3- bitlogic
4- mecha 9
5-booming boy

Van Imanok

Paragon (1188)

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11-12-2019, 22:22

Thom wrote:
Imanok wrote:

Goonies 'R' Good Enough by Kralizec

Was released in 2009, the previous decade.

No, it was released in 2010, but they intentionally wrote 2009 in the game:

Van ray2day

Paladin (671)

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11-12-2019, 23:20

best games of the last 10 years to my opinion;
Los Amores de Brunilda, Sword of Ianna, Prisoner of war, Children of the Night, Heroes Arena, Stray Cat and Princess Quest are my favourites.

Had a lot of fun playing them! Very very good work!

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