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25-10-2019, 11:03

DSK2ROM is a great tool to make ROM files from DSKs. But is it possible to come back to DSK?
In one words, is it possible to extract the DSK from the ROM?

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Van Grauw

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25-10-2019, 11:33

It should be. In essence DSK2ROM just generates a DiskROM followed by a disk image. Strip the DiskROM part and what remains should be a disk image. Maybe some tweaks like padding are needed but it should be fairly trivial.

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25-10-2019, 11:41

Thankyou, but the problem is: how to recognize the DiskROM part, mainly when ROM is compressed. I'll take a try.

Van zPasi

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25-10-2019, 17:20

Seems the first 16K is the DiskROM part. Near the end of that, there should be a string "DSK2ROM 0.80 by joyrex 2007" or something similar. After that the actual content.

If the content is compressed, Pletter is probably used, I think.