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Door vilcoyote59

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19-10-2019, 21:54

I advance quite a bit in the development of a little game (on bluemsx, xbasic); only I absolutely do not control the music or the sounds. I know that there are routines with which you can play music and sounds; I tried with SCC routines but it seems to conflict with my code. I do not really want to use sound or play but for me it's entering a completely unknown universe.

Has anyone managed to insert music easily in basic?

Thank you for your feedback.


Here's a YouTube link to a video:

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Van Manuel

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19-10-2019, 22:53

Typically people use an external machine code routine with a sound driver for that.

You might want to look at NestorBASIC. It's a variant on xbasic which includes the Moonblaster sound driver. So it will work together.

In any case, that looks like some really cool programming! Great job!

Van Meits

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19-10-2019, 23:31

If you want to compile your basic code you indeed better check NestorBasic like Manuel said. The problem with your regular compilers and music drivers is that they will load in the same(ish) part of RAM and one will win.

Van JohnHassink

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20-10-2019, 01:33

There should be a TriloTracker (SCC version) replayer that works under BASIC now, but I don't know any details. ARTRAG and Kai Magazine should know. It was used in "Sorrow of Gadhlan' Thur".

Van akumajo

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20-10-2019, 10:17

Congratulations for the game Vilcoyote Smile .
I like how to ride on obstacles without jumping. I do not know if it will be the definitive way but it's original!