MSX Philips VG 8020 for sale

Door AndreV

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22-09-2019, 11:19

I have my msx for sale,
included, msx computer vg 8020,data recorder with adapter ,joystick (the arcade), cables that goes with the datarecorder , coax cable to the tv and tapes with games, oa road fighter, knightmare, konami's boxing lots of konami games on tape.
Not included are the tv and the cartridge(nemesis).
Computer is fully tested and shall be tested when shipping.
I have the computer on a Dutch site fore pictures
Selling price is 75 euro ex. shipping

fore questions my name is Andre Volkers, I live in the Netherlands.
My Email is :

sending is in consultation.

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Van AndreV

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09-10-2019, 11:19