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Door Manuel

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24-06-2019, 21:07

Methodic Solutions (part of the Aackosoft house) released some games in tall thin boxes. But these boxes were also used for some other games.

Who can help me to compile a list of games released in such a box? Please also post a photo or good scan, then I can also put it on Generation MSX.

This is what I found so far, based on a Methodic Solutions leaflet and my personal collection:

1906/8906 Indy 500
1908/8908 TT Racer
1909/8909 Alpine Ski
1912/8912 Police Academy II
1915/8915 Hard Boiled
Speedboat Racer
1465/8465 Battle Chopper
8266 Leather Skirts
Flight Deck
1432/8432 Life in the Fast Lane
1569/8969 Hype
1950/8950 Ninja 2
1951/8951 Dawn Patrol

A product code starting with a 1 is the tape release and the one starting with an 8 is the disk release.

Who can add to that? Note: ONLY these tall flat boxes are for this particular list!

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Van Manuel

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27-06-2019, 00:25

If you don't know what I mean.... Boxes like this:

Van Robosoft

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27-06-2019, 21:03

There are some on marktplaats with pictures.

edit: never mind, those are already on generation-msx :P

Van rderooy

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28-06-2019, 08:22

I recall those boxes from when they had them in the stores. I disliked them, they are huge and very flimsy. They also had C64 games in the same style boxes.

I heard somewhere that they were meant to be a deterrent against shoplifting. Not sure if that was true.

I never bought any of the games in those boxes, as I disliked the boxes and none of the titles were of real interest to me anyway. Instead I bought Konami's when I could.

Van gdx

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28-06-2019, 10:42

Fortunately, Konami boxes are not that size. It would have been painful.

Van Thom

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28-06-2019, 15:57

I liked those boxes as they were really different. Hype and Hard Boiled were great games as well.

Van valkyre

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28-06-2019, 19:42

I have 2 or 3 of these. I will dig them out

Van gdx

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29-06-2019, 01:49

I also like Hype but only the version from Al Alamiah is interesting.