What computer would you have ended up with if MSX were never released (in your country)?

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Door sdsnatcher73

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19-05-2019, 20:51

I'm glad MSX was so big in the Netherlands. Before my first MSX I had an Aquarius computer, which (as I found out after reading the linked wikipedia page) was also using Microsoft BASIC. If MSX would not have been released and marketed by Philips in the Netherlands in 1985 (about when I got my VG8020) I guess the Commodore 64 would probably have gotten on my path. A very nice system with a great audio chip, but I would probable never had enjoyed Japanese games as much as I have....

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Van Manuel

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19-05-2019, 21:57

C64 here as well. My dad didn't buy it because he heard it was unreliable (the seller told him that he should keep it on for a month and if it still worked then, it is OK... that made him buy the VG 8020 instead...)

Van Garudian

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19-05-2019, 22:35

I would probably have ended up with C64 as well, mainly because it was used by quite some friends. Also the high school I came in had equiped the computer room with C64s. Mostly with monochrome screens so there was little to play games seriously Smile

I would surely have missed out on the great Konami stuff, as to be honest the Konami (con)versions on the C64 are not that great. The soundchip was awesome though.

Van Pencioner

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19-05-2019, 22:48

i would definitely end up with Spectrum - at the time (back in USSR country, Republic of Ukraine, when we had MSX-es in some of our schools in Kiev where i ended up studying for 3 years before going to university) - there were a big market with cheap Spectrum handmade clones for 15$-25$, price depended of quality of custom case and keyboard also handmade btw while other computers were quite expensive

Van meits

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19-05-2019, 23:20

I'd probably stayed computerless until somewhere around the 2000s.

Van RetroTechie

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19-05-2019, 23:24

After a Sinclair ZX81 and ZX Spectrum, my dad bought a Sony HB-F700. The built-in floppy drive was a big factor in that decision, iirc.

If he hadn't bought that, I probably would have nagged him long enough until he'd buy a Commodore Amiga. LOL! Saw that machine once or twice on club meetings or a fair, and remember being thoroughly impressed by it.

Most friends at school either had a C64, Spectrum, CPC or no computer at all @ home. Later on it was mostly a split. Some went the PC route (386 -> 486 -> 'multimedia' Pentium), some went the 32 bit home computer route (Amiga, Atari ST etc).

When I moved out of my parents' house, first computer I bought (read: could afford at the time) was a Philips VG-8020. Followed by a floppy interface. And quickly after that, my first PC (a 486. DOOOOOMMMM!! Cool ). Never had an Amiga btw. As time passed, that became just one of many 'would like to have'.

Van Ivan

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19-05-2019, 23:29

I am also glad with the popularity of MSX in Spain back then. I would probably have ended up with a ZX Spectrum due to its low price. Amstrad CPCs and C64s were also popular but I believe that MSX and ZX Spectrum were the mainstream home computers here. In fact my first computer was a ZX Spectrum 48K given to me by a classmate who upgraded to a ZX Spectrum +2 (what a gift!). Before owning a home computer I was biased in favour of MSX because it was supported by top consumer electronics brands (Sony, Philips, Sanyo,...) and its colourful graphics.

Van Wolverine_nl

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20-05-2019, 11:55

I guess first a C64 and maybe after that an Amiga 500.
I am glad my dad came home with a Goldstar MSX, started with a monochrome screen and soon after that it was standing next to the television.
My friends had mostly C64 here in the Netherlands, but I had two friends who also had a MSX, so we started trying games and small BASIC programs, good ol' days Wink

Van Manel46

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20-05-2019, 15:21

I do not remember now. But was C64 better than the MSX1? Better than the MSX2, no, sure.
"Amiga", is another subject.
Program (6502) 6510 C64. The assembly language is simpler.

Van Nprod

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20-05-2019, 16:46

I don't qualify for this thread because MSX was never released in my country Smile

Van Wolverine_nl

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20-05-2019, 16:56

Nprod wrote:

I don't qualify for this thread because MSX was never released in my country Smile

Where are you from Nprod? Smile

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