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Van stompetower

Expert (96)

afbeelding van stompetower

24-08-2020, 12:59

Hello Thom,
Unfortunately, I only see your posting now. I indeed never received your message.
We are months later now, so not sure your message is still relevant.
I added a public e-mail address to my profile: stompetower at gmail.
Please use that to contact me.
This is not my main e-mail that I check daily, but I will check it the coming days/weeks, so I welcome you to sent your message again.

Van Thom

Paladin (685)

afbeelding van Thom

25-08-2020, 15:42

No problem. These things happen Smile
I have sent you a mail.

Van alexito

Paladin (747)

afbeelding van alexito

28-03-2021, 21:02

Finally my Anma Philips Music Keyboard Interface with a clear case. took me 1 hour of filing but it was worthy.

Thanks to ROADFIGHTER for the PCB fully assembled.

Now I want to make an adapter for the Yamaha YK20 Music Keyboard someone knows there is any schematics around the web? because I'm craving to put my hands on RED Music Editor also somebody who can make or recommend a nice affordable label sticker machine for it and other projects.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Van Meits

Scribe (6463)

afbeelding van Meits

28-03-2021, 21:25

Don't have high hopes with a keyboard adapter. Two years ago I made one and frankly, it sucked balls. I thought I made a ton of errors, but it turned out I made none. I consulted the gurus who know about these things (Grauw) and iirc FRS (the guy who designed the converter). (it's about this converter. the conversations i had with the guys apparantly did not find place in that topic).
Tha matrix of both keyboard systems is totally incompatibe. The only thing the converter does is make it pin compatible, but that's not enough.

If you press a C you will not hear a C. If you press the C one octave higher it will be a different note than the previous one. Some notes are skipped and not all keys do work. The only thing the adapter is good for is get a sound after pressing a key.
Better find a Philips keyboard instead.

Van alexito

Paladin (747)

afbeelding van alexito

28-03-2021, 23:30

Thanks, Meits. Will be done. Any Philips NMS-1160 for sale?

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