3D Printed Philips VG-8020

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Van gdx

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21-07-2019, 12:40

Great job! The same thing but with an MSX with the separate keyboard would be nice. For example a Hitachi MB-H50 or a Sony HB-700.

Van Meits

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21-07-2019, 14:48

I was thinking the same. I'd love a Sony 700 like that.

Van Grauw

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21-07-2019, 15:21

Very cool video, very cool to see what people are doing with 3D printing!

Van Golnebo

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22-07-2019, 09:29

Wow! This a great project. May I ask what kind of audio amplifier you are using?

Van wimpie3

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22-07-2019, 11:11

Nice project! Would have even be cooler if your Raspi booted straight into MSX Basic instead of a bunch of status prompts and EmulationStation :-)

Van Gregory

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12-10-2021, 13:33

amandris wrote:

Thanks for the advices. The custom decals can be made at home by anyone. You need a color ink-jet printer, some sheets of special paper and liquid film that needs to be apply to the paper after printing.

Not sponsored links to amazon Spain :
Paper: https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B019FFZIM0
Liquid film: https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B0006O9K5G

Link to the decals pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ixLpfDAhFI1eKS1xwTaB_dbj0Qn...

I used the default settings in my Anycubic i3 Mega to print the MSX parts. The box can be printed also with the default configuration but it takes ages. You can lower the infill down to 6% and the top, bottom and wall layer count to 3.

Could you tell me somemore on how you made the font for the decals?

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