How many users want cases for their Maxiol Sunrise CF-IDE?

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Van Maxiol

Supporter (14)

afbeelding van Maxiol

15-02-2019, 17:06

surprised that this connector broke off.
judging by the torn tracks, the reason was the fall to the floor.
However, I can solder this connector back for free, but the delivery of the module is on you.

In general, the task of repairing the connector is simple and can be solved in any service for repairing laptops or cell phones.

Before restoring the CF connector, you can use the IDE connector by plugging in any IDE-CF adapter

1.this is the first case of more than 200 controllers.
2.It is completely incomprehensible where you can get such screws.

Regards Max

Van Lynn

Rookie (32)

afbeelding van Lynn

15-02-2019, 20:24

I'll bring the broken one with me to the fair tomorrow, maybe someone can have a look at it before I ship it off somewhere ^^

Van Gloriou

Master (204)

afbeelding van Gloriou

25-02-2019, 19:43

Van АIеks

Paladin (949)

afbeelding van АIеks

25-02-2019, 22:38

Maxiol wrote:

2.It is completely incomprehensible where you can get such screws.


Van Alexey

Guardian (3287)

afbeelding van Alexey

05-05-2019, 17:36

Those owners of Maxiol CF-IDE controller who need a case in 3 different colors can now contact the seller to get those.

Van Hokuspokus

Expert (95)

afbeelding van Hokuspokus

06-05-2019, 14:53

I am interested in a box for MAxiol Sunrise CF-IDE. I have sent you an email. Thanks.

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