Nextor with MSX-DOS2 Tools commands

Door odaman68000

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16-01-2019, 11:13

Hi there.
Does anyone know a problem of Nextor with MSX-DOS2 Tools commands?
In my environment, any DOS2 Tools commands (,, and more) on Nextor will be crashed.

I'm using Nextor 2.04 with SD-512.
And NEXTOR.SYS and COMMAND2.COM are located at the root folder of 2GB SD Card.
512KB of memory is configured as Mapper memory.

I examined MSX-DOS2 Tools command with sbug2m, and I found these commands were build with MSX-C Ver 1.2.

Other DOS commands are working fine.
Anyone can help?

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Van odaman68000

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16-01-2019, 15:27

Hi, it's me again.
I debugged crashed situation, and I found the problem that DOS2 function #49h sometimes crashes.
The CAL.COM (DOS2 command) uses #49h for string output (single byte output to file descriptor #1).
A lot of calling of #49h will crash.

But with on emulator (openMSX with Nextor 2.04), it works fine.
Why only SD-512 Nextor crashes? Any ideas?

Van Miyashu

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28-01-2019, 14:42

It's better to report in below site.