Proven Z80 in-circuit emulator or hardware-assisted debugger

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25-11-2018, 12:12

Any experiences here with a good/well proven Z80 in-circuit emulator solution or hardware-assisted debugger? I mean something that you *really have some experience with*, and not just something you just googled or heard about. (IOW, I can google myself and find plenty of candidates, but since they cost money I would like to be sure before any purchases)

I'm asking this because anyone who develop for the MSX knows that emulators, even being wonderful development tools, have their limits. There are plenty of situations where you need your software to de debugged on the real thing:

  • Device development (like Nextor drivers, C-BIOS, some new interface BIOS, etc)
  • When the emulated chips don't behave like the real hardware
  • Specific quirks of some models, like TTL buffers, hardware bugs or gate-arrays with specific functions

For those who have experience with such a solution, I would like to ask:

  • Positive aspects of the solution
  • Limitations of the solution (doesn't do full-speed breakpoints or doesn't support paging like MSX slots/Mapper/MegaROMs, for example)
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