Please remember this game

Door Jopie

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18-11-2018, 20:18

Hi all,

I vaguely remember a game I used to like so much. It was with a frog (I think) that needs to climb higher by jumping on branches. You had to watch out for a flying dragon.
For every jump you had to select an angle and a velocity, like you do in some golf or bowling games.
There was lots of green in the surroundings.
Sorry for this vague description, it's so long ago.
Please remember it, I can't stand that I can't find it!


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Van Randam

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18-11-2018, 21:10

booga boo the flea?

Van JohnHassink

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19-11-2018, 20:59

Van keith56

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20-11-2018, 13:46

Sounds like Roland in the caves on the CPC!