When we'll see elinks for MSX?

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Van Grauw

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21-11-2018, 20:21

HTML viewer for MSX proof of concept (2)

This time I write text with (unoptimised) direct VDP access (which I just implemented in the hour since the previous video). I’m also viewing a larger page than before, one of the msx.org threads. Turns out the scrolling of the screen is actually the primary bottleneck. Unfortunately I can’t use the VDP scroll register for this as I’d originally hoped (considering that, screen 6 may actually be faster than screen 0!).

In the second half of the video I clear the screen after each page of text has been displayed rather than scrolling, which shows more of the raw processing speed. Note, still unoptimised, though I’m sure a real proper implementation would have additional processing overhead as well so probably it somewhat balances out.

Van edoz

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23-11-2018, 12:59

Grauw your example is very cool to see! I'm surprised how good it works and how fast it is.

Van hit9918

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23-11-2018, 16:14

thinking it further, it quickly goes out of RAM.
what about reading the .html again and again.
a html GET can go from a file offset?
I imagine that ethernet is as fast as an ide drive.

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