MFR vs Carnivore2 vs GR8Net vs FlashJacks ... Any vs between them?

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Van Sebbeug

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24-10-2018, 19:03

I owns MFR, Carnivore2 and GR8NET.
3 very nice pieces of hardware.

For my personal use, Carnivore2 first, then MFR and GR8NET for the fun. Smile

Van MiCv2

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24-10-2018, 19:03

Sorry that I bring in here .. Evil
Carnivore2 costs 100, - Euro
GR8NET costs 399, - Euro

Is that a fair comparison? Question


Van meits

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24-10-2018, 19:38

I got my Gr8Net for more than 200 less. Better to buy it straight from Age Labs then.
Unless you live in a country tho which shipping costs are totally rediculous.

Van Grauw

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24-10-2018, 19:44

My GR8NET (v1) cost me € 135. Ordered with a group of four, so if you order one individually it’ll probably cost a bit more.

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

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24-10-2018, 20:43

MiCv2 wrote:

399, - Euro

I think there's mistake in the device. Too many GR8* in there Smile
Please refrain from discussing financials online. Take it to private chat.

Regarding GR8NET - unlike other devices which use (to my knowledge) 3rd party software not allowed for commercial distribution, GR8NET as hardware and software is fully my intellectual property with full control over it (except MP3 player and some MSXLC portions I am licensed to use). I also want to again thank numerous people who advised, helped and directed me in making it.

None may care about following licence requirements, but for me it is a rule, and I am proud to be legally clean on it and having invested very considerable time learning things and making them work.

I fully agree that GR8NET is very complex device; its manual is a mess (though searchable using ^F in Acrobat). I tried to put some typical solutions at the beginning, but still questions remain - and I want to hear these questions - privately in the email, or publicly in the forum (but I need to be informed anyway to act quickly).

Van erpirao

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24-10-2018, 21:47

As owner of the 4 devices (megaflashrom SD, carnivore2, flashjacks and gr8net), I can not choose just one, what one does not do to me, the other yes.
for example, the lack of a great flashrom in the gr8net (as in carnivore2 and mgf), compensates me with an excellent implementation of the msxaudio and fm, or for example, the carnivore2 has good FM and a good flashrom, but has no msxaudio nor rj45.
so in summary I can not do without any of them, especially if you like the sound on the MSX
if I remember correctly what I paid for each one:
megaflashrom SD SCC + 512 (2SD): € 170
gr8net: € 150 (approx)
carnivore2: € 100
Flashjacks: € 140
that is, both the flashjacks and the gr8net require attention given the huge range of possibilities that include
P.S. Eugeny, your gr8net is really impressive and I recommend it to everyone who asks me

Van Pablibiris

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25-10-2018, 07:29

I had the 4 Cartridges. I sold GR8Net because is too much complex for me.
Now I'm using FlashJacks and MFR.
Here you want to discard a cartridge because you can't have it. But that does not mean that it does not exist. A cartridge that has all these characteristics:
-REAL stereo output for FM,2x PSG,2x SCC,MSX Audio,allí with 0 noise...this is GREAT.
-Until 16 megas of RAM.
-4x Flashrom with the possibility of 15 Mappers.
-4x MegaRAM (2M each one).
-Sinfox unit.
-SD Sunrise unit.
-PCM Sampler.
-The sound chip SN76489 (Colecovision, Sega SC3000...)
And working un other features.

For me,is easy to choose Wink

Van hamlet

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25-10-2018, 08:38


For me,is easy to choose

Nobody wants to discard a cartridge here, Pablo. I ask everyone to stop accusations like this.
I'm ok with the MFR and the GR8net. I like the Carnivore2 much but that would be just a third system in my collection.
I find it difficult to use all the advantages of the two extensions I already own.
If avaible I would buy a FlashJacks in future. Maybe. And another slot expander of course.
However, I would much rather go for a Playsonics. Just to spend some flow here.

Van Aquijacks

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25-10-2018, 11:02

Corrected with Flashjacks:

		MFR-SCC+SD     	Carnivore2	Gr8net               Flahjacks
Extra memory	512kb(optional)	1024kb		1024kb               16384kb
SCC type	SCC/SCC+	SCC/SCC+	SCC/SCC+.            Double SCC/SCC+   
MSX-Audio	-		-		yes.                 yes
MSX-Music	-		yes		yes.                 yes
Networking	-		-		yes.                 - 
FlashROM	yes		yes		FlashRAM/Flashrom.   Quad 4Mb Flashrom/ram
Removable 	MicroSD		CF		Microsd.             SD and MicroSd
Additional	-		audio-out/psg	audio-out/Mp3.       More, more and more  

Now is a real comparasion.

Van AxelStone

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25-10-2018, 10:55

All of them are very interesting pieces of hardware and perhaps they can be used in different ways. Anyway I think that one of them has a very interesting feature that can expand its posibilities a lot: Network, included in GR8Net.

I'm giving a try to it last days and I like it more and more. Features like telnet client and gr8cloud are simply great. Aditionally as I said, GR8Net is the perfect partner for SymbOS, thanks precisely to its network capabilities. I honestly wouldn't use SymbOS in any of the other devices, you lose important features.

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