(WIP) Single-screen racing game for MSX1

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Door Uninteresting

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15-08-2018, 22:06

For the past month or so, I've been working on a single-screen racing game (because my previous dragon game project is still too big for me). Slightly old gameplay video of me (the red ship) playing against three AIs (that have far better ships).

Right now, the game has ten tracks (most probably very much irritating to play), it should have support for 1-3 players (keyboard + two joysticks) but I haven't tested if that works properly or not. I've been spending far too much time on thinking what type of campaign/career mode the game should have (Super Off-Road or Super Mario Kart come to mind as potential examples), so I haven't started with that.

The physics are a bit Asteroids-like except there's no friction and to slow down, the ship has to thrust in the opposite direction. No brakes, weapons or boosts similar to nitros. The way I implemented the AI doesn't allow for tracks with crossings.

There's something wrong in how I handle the interrupts; I'll try and isolate the problem further before bothering you fine folks with that.

Current main task list:
- better visuals (results screen, coloured track tiles, thruster flames)
- career/campaign mode
- simple sound effects (I can't write music, so I'll skip that)
- "track hazards" (attraction/repulsion fields, bouncers)
- better tracks that use the track hazards

No download yet, I'd rather try and get the interrupts working right and the visuals touched up at least a bit.

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Van sd_snatcher

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afbeelding van sd_snatcher

15-08-2018, 23:21

I liked the physics! This seems very promising for the MSXdev, doesn't it?

Van Antxiko

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15-08-2018, 23:30

I like a lot! Very promising! Allways I wanted a Super Sprint port for the MSX and this one gives that sensation!


Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

16-08-2018, 00:05

Reminds me of BMX Simulator, which I always liked very much, especially with 2 players Smile

Van Uninteresting

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afbeelding van Uninteresting

16-08-2018, 06:27

@sd_snatcher I haven't decided if I want to participate in MSXdev. I might rather avoid the risk of winning anything completely by not participating (even if the chance of that happening is minuscule).

Van theNestruo

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16-08-2018, 16:08

Very promising indeed!!! :-D


Enlighted (6091)

afbeelding van NYYRIKKI

16-08-2018, 16:17

Indeed the video reminds me a bit about Super Sprint... and rest of it reminds me about billiards games Smile Very interesting, Uninteresting!

Van santiontanon

Paragon (1831)

afbeelding van santiontanon

16-08-2018, 18:25

Nice!!!! As a matter of fact, I have also been working on a racing game for the MSXDev!!! Mine is quite different, so, there will be no overlap!! Looking very promising!!! I loved these single screen racing games as a kid!! They are a lot of fun! Looking forward to progress on this!

Van Randam

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afbeelding van Randam

16-08-2018, 19:43

Yes, these games are fun!!! It reminds me of Greatest Driver 2D and the racing game in Tower of Cabin.

Are you thinking about making types of power ups like in Mario kart or the racing game in Tower of Cabin (though that was only speed boost/ speed decrease)?

Van Uninteresting

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afbeelding van Uninteresting

16-08-2018, 20:59

Here's an alpha version I don't recommend trying outside emulators yet. Up = thrust. Left/right = turn. Press space once to get past the nonfunctioning starting screen, press fire on the controllers you want to use to play and then down + fire on any to advance. Pick the track (left/right on cursor keys, spacebar to select), the game starts right away (no ready-set-go yet). Each race is four laps. Press spacebar again to get out of the results screen.

The current version assumes 50Hz updates when keeping track of the time.

@NYYRIKKI Not that much billiards here - only horizontal/vertical edges to bounce off from (+the ship is one point in ship-to-wall collision checks), and all ship-to-ship collisions are assumed direct hits, not glancing ones, which may sometimes look a bit strange. And no "forced spinning" following a crash either.

@santiontanon I remember playing Super Off-Road on NES, but with the game not having a proper ending left me unhappy. Plus I'd look forward to your game more than mine. I fear the lack of immediacy in the controls will detract from the enjoyment here.

@Randam I hadn't known of those two games -- I knew of BMX Simulator, but no other similar single-screen racers on MSX. I'm not thinking of adding powerups outside of maybe speed boosts, since I could add those to the AI easily enough.

Van ~mk~

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afbeelding van ~mk~

16-08-2018, 21:52

Single screen multiplayer games are awesome Smile
Reminds me of Slicks 'n Slide for DOS.

I just tried the rom and it is very fun to play. I know you need to work on the visuals (which are not bad anyway) but one thing I think will be easier is to draw the cars in 2d instead of 3d. I think you could draw the wheels which is impossible unless you use more colors in 3d.

Another suggestion (this feature exists in Slicks n Slide, along with many others), since the game is about precision and stepping on the gas at the right moment, trying not to lose speed, etc, maybe a great addition would be fuel tank, and pit stop where you can refill the tank.

Thank you for sharing the game with everyone, and keep up the good work!

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