Is there a PC-DOS 5.0 like task switchable OS on MSX?

Door odaman68000

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18-05-2018, 15:52

Hi, MSXers. Smile
Would you like to let me know if there's PC-DOS 5.x like task switchable OS (or environment) for MSX.

In my thought, ASCII had provided MSX system official memory mapper feature with MSX-DOS2 in 199x, and now a days, there're many DOS2 compatible memory mapper cartridge hardware, so maybe it CAN exist.
I know UZIX/SymbOS for MSX, but I don't need such specialities, just simple CUI interface and CP/M based system calls are welcome.

In my idea, it can with A) at least 3 segments of RAM for 0-3fff, 4000-7fff, 8000-bfff, B) and more 1 segments of RAM for VRAM(16KB is enough for console), C) and timer interruption with special combination of key pressing detection with task switch.

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