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Door ren

Prophet (2071)

afbeelding van ren

07-03-2018, 18:56

Because using the Talk/Discussion pages suck, I'm opening this (generic) topic to make it easier to discuss stuff between parties Wink
Whatever is actual / you're working on / want to discuss, you can post it here.
For specific (big topic) stuff it could make sense to open a separate topic.

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Van ren

Prophet (2071)

afbeelding van ren

07-03-2018, 19:13

Mars: why wouldn't you want to keep the links (Impaccen)?

Regarding the quote style: I will look into it, I'm not happy with that either ;)
Can you give an example of a quote style you like (and something we could apply broadly in the wiki)?
I was thinking about some left margin as well.

How do you feel about the specs table I added? I think it / the info provided there makes sense, and it's not simply a duplication of GenMSX.

Van mars2000you

Enlighted (6697)

afbeelding van mars2000you

07-03-2018, 19:22

Because it was not in the original format choosen by the developers. Now maybe Wolf (or another developer) can give his opinion, I guess it's normal to ask that, because it's a special section.

From my point of view, there's a link that I should not include, it's to the video, because several different MSX users can make videos and I don't see why someone should have a privilege above other users. Note: it should even be worse for games, because there are so many videos for great games (made on real machine OR blueMSX OR openSX etc.. with the variants 50 HZ/60 HZ or a different real or emulated machine ....). I am against privileges, so if an user want to see a video, he will use Google and/or check the YouTube channels that he prefers.

I don't have an idea for the quote style, I should simply use italic letters for example without additionnal layout.

The (specs) table is a good idea, and indeed here you can't find the same infos on Generation MSX. Just a detail to be coherent with many other pages: use "MSX-MUSIC" and not "MSX-Music" (the same for "MSX-AUDIO", not "MSX-Audio")

Van Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1834)

afbeelding van Jorito

07-03-2018, 19:32

Which particular section are we talking about?

Overall, we set up a few basic templates in the wiki, just to get things started, but other sections (e.g. the MSX computers section) has evolved already from that original template. I don't think we're that strict on particular template rules or whatnot, but do try to keep things at least somewhat consistent (e.g. the remark about MSX-AUDIO/MSX-MUSIC).

With regards to the links section, I personally would probably have added it to the introduction table in stead. I consider the Youtube link to be a bit optional, since it's pretty hard to find some consistency there (there's a lot of crappy YT vids around).

Van mars2000you

Enlighted (6697)

afbeelding van mars2000you

07-03-2018, 19:36

We're speaking about the demos section.

Van ren

Prophet (2071)

afbeelding van ren

07-03-2018, 19:57

I see __Wolf indeed set up the structure in 2012 or so.
The data table is new. I think I like it the most when that's the first thing shown (above the TOC). Of course it should be consistently of the same structure for each production then.

The video link is purely optional / an extra. It offers one a quick way to check something out.
I always make an effort to find the best quality. In this case it's the only version on YT. No privilege stuff. I mention the channel (in parentheses) on purpose.

GenMSX link makes sense. D/L link certainly makes sense.

I thought about links in data table, but it does make it less data/spec like, esp. when the (amount of) links could vary. So I settled with the links at the bottom.
(In the example of Blagger (1984, Alligata) there's a field for Generation MSX ID.)

Van ren

Prophet (2071)

afbeelding van ren

07-03-2018, 20:18

Regarding MSX-MUSIC / MSX-AUDIO, I know you have a fixed opinion on that.

As I said before some time ago: JP folks tend to capitalize words in Roman/Latin script. In the West it's perfectly fine to write MSX-Music / MSX-Audio, and it's perhaps even more correct to do so.
I don't believe it SHOULD be written in all-caps, like a brand name purposely capitalized.

I prefer it to be non-capitalized. That's not SHOUTING into my face as much..

Check the MSX-Music page, it's full with non-all-caps versions of the term.. (and now don't start editing all that stuff Wink)

-edit: OMG, he started editing that stuff.. Tongue

Van mars2000you

Enlighted (6697)

afbeelding van mars2000you

07-03-2018, 20:38

I had already fixed the MSX-AUDIO page in the past, now it's fixed for the MSX-MUSIC pages Smile

Van meits

Scribe (6599)

afbeelding van meits

07-03-2018, 21:04

I'm more on ren's boat on this one. Capitalized doesn't read very pleasant. When the corner of my eye sees capitalized text a bit further than where I am reading, I get distracted.

Van hamlet

Scribe (4113)

afbeelding van hamlet

07-03-2018, 21:08

Meits wrote:

I'm more on ren's boat on this one. Capitalized doesn't read very pleasant. When the corner of my eye sees capitalized text a bit further than where I am reading, I get distracted.

That's kind of a 3D effect.

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10186)

afbeelding van wolf_

07-03-2018, 21:23

Look, it's simple:

Take a look at IMDB, that's what I wanted for this scene! In fact that's what I wanted years before MRC2k12 came to be, you know, when it still used to be labeled MRC2k7. Wink With biographies, productions, extensive credits, trivia. goofs if you want. And also with anecdotes, the kind we read about in the forum every now and then. Talks about how things were made, talks about important meetings etc.

Now, it'd be very nice if this wiki section could be as accurate as possible, which is why I prefer articles to be made by the relevant person, or at least someone from the same group (you know, people can die, or they've permanently left the scene otherwise). So, if a certain product has a specific uppercase/lowercase layout, then the article and the title should reflect this of course.

And yes: before MRC2k12 was released, I remember browsing through all the Picturedisks to list all the groups I could find, I've even read many dull scrolltexts for greetings and anti-greetings to extract more groups to add. I had to come up with a kind of main header (the table containing basic information), based on the stuff that seemed most relevant to all. Can this table be changed by anyone? Sure, but I hope you'll understand that I'd prefer such changes to be improvements rather than just derailing for sake of derailing. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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