van makinavaja op 02-11-2017, 12:32
Onderwerp: Challenges

After one year of silence, the AY compo contest is back for the next MSX users meeting. Again, the contest is organized in collaboration with culturachip.

The rules are:

  • Any AY format is valid (must be for 8bit computers), but we strongly recommend the use of .pt3 files (Vortex tracker II or Protracker 3) because it's a file format easily playable by a lot of 8bit computers like the MSX, Amstrad or Spectrum.
  • There are no limits about the number of songs presented by each contestant.
  • Only original songs. No covers allowed. Only new, unreleased songs.
  • Deadline: November 12th 2017
  • Besides the original tracker file, the contestant must send a 320kb mp3 file of the song. Both files must be sent to the mail address: chechu1209@hotmail.com . Also, a 200 characters text must be included to say whatever you want. This text will be shown in a scroll text on the music disk.
  • After the deadline, all contestants will receive a link to all the mp3 files from the contest. Each contestant must vote each song, with a value from 0 to 100. The votes must be sent to chechu1209@hotmail.com as well.

The final results will be announced on the next 9th December, during the 52th MSX users meetings in Barcelona.

Also, after the compo, there will be:

  • A music disk for several platforms with the songs of the contest. On which platforms it will be available will depend on if there is someone interested in creating it. The AAMSX will create the music for MSX computers with all the songs using pt3, wyz or arkos trackers.
  • AAMSX will prepare a limited release of a real music disk to be used on real MSX computers, and this disk will be distributed on the next users meeting.
  • The songs and the music disk will be published on several websites like aamsx, culturachip or pouet.