How to apply an IPS patch

Door gdx

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23-08-2017, 09:29

I noticed that many people have problem to apply an IPS patch. So I was not the only one.

Here are the three best methods I have found.

  1. IPS Patching Tool is a patcher online. This page is in Japanese but it allows us to apply easily patches on any OS.
  2. MultiPatch seems to be the only functional application for recent Macs. It can also create patches, but it doesn’t support all IPS files. For example, the Metal Gear Remix patch Here is not supported.
  3. IPS4MSX allows to apply our patches directly on MSX-DOS. I tested on MSX-Turbo R, it does his job quickly even for megaroms.

And you what is your favorite patcher? Do you have an example for Linux, Windows or other?

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Van tfh

Paragon (1937)

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23-08-2017, 09:38

Windows -> Lunar IPS (LIPS) ->
It's so simple. Just select the .IPS file, the .ROM file and you're done :)

Van Manuel

Ascended (15960)

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23-08-2017, 09:40

openMSX can apply IPS patches on the fly. I always use that. Patched disk images can be exported if necessary, using the diskmanipulator command.

Van rderooy

Hero (601)

afbeelding van rderooy

23-08-2017, 11:12

Perhaps it would be a good idea to add an IPS Patching page to the wiki, explaining not only how to apply patches and the various methods available, but also how to create them...

Van rderooy

Hero (601)

afbeelding van rderooy

23-08-2017, 11:32

I started a wiki page,

But I have little experience with most IPS tools, so it would be good for others to contribute

Van Hydragon

Paladin (704)

afbeelding van Hydragon

23-08-2017, 14:38

For support for IPS4MSX I suggest you join the Rizon Network on IRC and join #msxdev, where you can ask the questions to the author ( BiFi ), if you need help with patching using this program Wink Besides the IPS4MSX program there's also is the Multi IPS Archive ( MIA ) tool by same author.

Van sd_snatcher

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23-08-2017, 19:20

I use Neill Corlett's UIPS. It's command line utility with binary versions for Windows, Mac and Unix. It's source is available here.

Van gdx

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afbeelding van gdx

24-08-2017, 11:21

Thanks Rderooy for the wiki.

Van Manuel

Ascended (15960)

afbeelding van Manuel

24-08-2017, 11:31

I also used uips a few times, on Linux.

Van roadfighter

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09-09-2019, 15:20

When using IPS4MSX.COM i have a problem when only 4 drives are assigned on the hdd interface.
The program then calls on drive G: With the following message:
Not ready reading drive g:
When inserting a disk in the drive it works without the error.
Could this be changed so you don't have to insert a floppy in drive G: ?
or is there a entry in the autoexec.bat that could solve this ?
For the rest the program ads the ips patches very fast it works great.