OPL4 composers unite?

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Van wolf_

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14-01-2003, 00:07

I find it an interesting idea to explore to limits again. The last time I did something for opl4 was *before* my study, that xmas tune was the first opl4 tune I did *after* my study. A day or what ago I listened to muzax 2 again (in nlmsx), ...ouch!! did I create that ? Smile) Personally I feel that my music-thinking has grown up heavily, compared to those old days.

Van snout

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14-01-2003, 00:16

that's our different approach Wink

the music I used to make was very 'mathematical'

nowadays I create music out of emotion

I find it interesting to see if I can make that kind of music on a computer as well. It's quite hard but I think Meridian provides about everyting that's needed for a good attempt Wink

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