Music player from MSX-Fan disks

Door sd_snatcher

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16-05-2017, 16:13

Hi all,

From time to time someone pops up in the forum with some vage description about a game, and someone with impressive memory skills is able to deduce the game name from that.

It's my turn for a similar request. But it's not a game, but a music player. I can't record its name. The vague details I can remember are:

- It came in one of the MSX-Fan disks
- It was a graphical player
- It had a list of the files in the current folder
- It had no support for a mouse. Play/stop/pause/next/previous was done by pressing the MSX function keys
- It supported the usual file formats: MGS, Kinrou5 etc. But it also supported the special BGM format used by the MSX-Fan disks. It was even able to play those files either on the OPLL or the MIDI interface
- It was not: MGSEL, MuPlay, MPX or MSPLAY

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Van Sylvester

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16-05-2017, 17:11

If you are good in japanese you could try to find it on: :)

Van sd_snatcher

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19-02-2021, 14:59

Replying to my on question: The player that was able to play MSX-FAN BGM files on MIDI is called MSP. You need to use the function keys to control it.