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Master (169)

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13-04-2017, 21:27

for sale (or for trade for MSX carts) MEGAFLASHROM SCC+ 8 MB, this is not SD
60 euros + shipping

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Master (169)

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04-05-2017, 14:08

price reduced at 45 euros
trade also welcome

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Paladin (931)

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05-05-2017, 06:11

Not SD means I'd have to load games off of disk, but could basically load any game from any size megarom since this has 8 MB rom installed, correct?

That sounds like a good deal to me. Do you ship to the U.S.? If so, I am definitely interested.


Van syn

Prophet (2097)

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05-05-2017, 12:06

I think the 8Mb means megabit so 1 megaBYTE https://www.msx.org/wiki/MSX_Cartridge_Shop_MegaFlashROM

The SD version has 8MB but the label says 64Mb https://www.msx.org/wiki/MSX_Cartridge_Shop_MegaFlashROM_SCC...

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Paladin (931)

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05-05-2017, 12:08

Ah. That's still more than even the largest commercial megarom, though, no? As far as I know, even Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was a 512 Kb megarom, and it's only a handful of obscure European indie/homebrew releases that have ever gone beyond that. So it's still a pretty good deal, I'd say!


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Scribe (6512)

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05-05-2017, 16:11

Koei did soms large ROMs, but if you're not into Koei games, that wouldn't be a problem.
Modern homebrew stuff exceeds the 1MB barrier once in a while.
The rest fits easily.

Van djh1697

Paragon (1662)

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06-05-2017, 20:26

buy it, then trade it in at msxcartridgeshop.com