"MSX Assembler"?

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29-01-2017, 13:20

Back in the day on my MSX2 I used an assembler I think it was just called "MSX assembler". This had a command line prompt, a simple menu as well as an editor. I remember it was pretty limited. It booted from a disk and ran in 40 column text mode. Label length, as well as maximum program length, was pretty limited. It used fixed columns for label, instruction and comment. I don't remember much other details.

Recently I wanted to revisit it just for old time's sake. But unfortunately I lost the disks I had then, and I've not been able to find it online anywhere.

I looked at wbass, compass, gen80 and a few others recommended on this forum but I don't think it was any of them.

Does anyone remember? Am I imagining things? It *may* have been Philips Assembler/Monitor ( http://www.generation-msx.nl/software/philips/assembler-moni... ) but I haven't been able to find any screenshots or disk images of it.

This is not terribly important, it was not great software, but it was everything I had back in the day for z80 dev and this just keeps spooking me, so if someone has any clue what I'm talking about please let me know :)

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Van Wolverine_nl

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30-01-2017, 10:26

maybe worth it so send whoever runs this website an email, asking for a screenshot, he has the software of philips

Van Metalion

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30-01-2017, 13:19

Van Manuel

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30-01-2017, 13:28

Microsoft M80, Champ, Zen and HiSoft were the main ones, I guess, before 1990.

Van rderooy

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30-01-2017, 16:28

The Philips one was probably not made by Philips. I would not be surprised to find it is one of the others in disguise.

Van witchspace

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31-01-2017, 15:27

Thanks for the suggestions, that's very helpful, I'll take a look at those and see if it's what I remember.

Van Bas040

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05-02-2017, 20:50

According the manual and the software itself it's programmed by Ron Eijnthoven. So I assume it's an unique piece of sofware, most probably programmed by somebody who had a close relation with Philips at that time.