MSX Meeting Nijmegen 2017 experience

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Door Wolverine_nl

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afbeelding van Wolverine_nl

21-01-2017, 18:22

Nice to meet some of you in reallife ! ????
Good conversation and good previews of some things ( Tina's adventure f.i)
Nowind's first steps into bringing C++ into the msx world, but has a long way to ho, i support this 100%
RepairBas was very helpfull, good advice on the MOS1 mouse and Sony keyboard key cleaning.

Next year i will definitly return!

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Van hamlet

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21-01-2017, 23:12

Yes, it was a pleasure.
You can find some photos on
If you recognize yourself and do not agree with this posting, please let me know.
I hope both of you approve:

Van syn

Paragon (2018)

afbeelding van syn

21-01-2017, 23:14

Yes it was fun.. time flew by pretty quickly as usual. I forgot to talk to a few people, sorry for that!

And nice meeting you wolverine!

Van Wolverine_nl

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21-01-2017, 23:46

Nice photos Hamlet, love the ones with the fish eye lens Smile
Yes, nice to match faces with the nicknames haha Smile

Van Prodatron

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22-01-2017, 00:13

That was a really cool Nijmegen MSX meeting again! This year time seemed to pass really too fast!
Thanks a lot to Manuel again for making this possible!
It was really cool to see you all again, it's just great to be a part of the MSX community. I also liked to meet new interesting people (like Hamlet) a lot. And I also missed some ones this year. Hope that 2017 will be a great year for the MSX again!

Van enribar

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22-01-2017, 01:18

Great meeting I suppose, looking at that fresh and tasty bier ;-)

Van Latok

msx guru (3814)

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22-01-2017, 09:29

Beautiful focus on the individual msx'ers, hamlet. Nice approach, thx Smile Smile

Van AxelStone

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afbeelding van AxelStone

22-01-2017, 11:49

I love this photo:

Keeping alive your hobby forever :)

Van Meits

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afbeelding van Meits

22-01-2017, 11:54

It's very clear that Hamlet is no stranger to taking pictures. Damn, they're nice. Good to see that the people are the subject as well, cuz who cares about a picture of a box of a music module on a table Tongue

Van Lord_Zett

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afbeelding van Lord_Zett

22-01-2017, 19:31

could not be there.....

Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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22-01-2017, 19:37

The guy with the blonde hair and the blue coat (third picture)
who is that?

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