WANTED: MSX joystick or game gap or JoyMega Adapter

Door z00pster

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16-01-2017, 22:16


I've got an MSX 2 and I'm looking to purchase either a JoyMega Adapter for my megadrive arcade stick or an MSX compatible joystick or game pad - ideally with two buttons. Item would be shipped to the UK.


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Van z00pster

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16-01-2017, 22:38

Perfect! Ordered Smile

Van raulsantacruz

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18-01-2017, 17:08

Hi z00pster,

I have one MSX native game pad Panasonic FS-JS222 able (50euros). Contact me if you are interested


Van RetroZones

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20-01-2017, 14:00

I still have just a few of these:


They are the 2 button configuration - One one the base and one handle

Hit me up if you want one