Manual for Z-80 simple-asm 1.0 cartridge?

Door SvaboMSX

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14-01-2017, 09:19

Dear Sirs,
I am quite new and silent reader.
Trying to get some development chain up and running.
I bought a cartridge from Coral Simple-ASM 1.0 ( I think it is 1.0)

It only shows standard MSX Basic screen. There is no screen as shown here:

Does anybody has a manual for it?
Or is there a assembler book out there, which uses this simple-asm for demonstrating routines etc?

Thank you


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Van SvaboMSX

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20-10-2018, 18:26

figured out following:
call edt -> starts the assembler environment
In that environment assembler code can be entered as basic, e.g. 10 ld a,#3
code can be assembled using "a"
registers can be examined by pressing "x"
By pressing M $8000h (or similar, cant remember anymore...) specific memory location can be examined and set to any value
By pressing S $8000H looks like M. Have not figured out the difference

How to start a program I still do not know.
When I hit "r" then I hear the relais of cassette enable tickle.

Anyway... If anybody has maybe an idea where to get a manual, or maybe can explain how the steps would be for development, I would be very happy.
For this question:

Maybe it is inteded to use in mixed mode. Typing in Basic a program. Then switching to the assembler cartridge and entering assembr code, assemble it.
Returning back to basic (how do I do that?) and running from there a call statenent. Or usrfnc (?)

Have a nice evening.