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Door diederick76

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20-07-2006, 22:10

Hi y'all,

can somebody help me with the montage in Snatcher? I'm playing the English translation, but I guess something was lost in it. Isabella described the guy as having an egg-shaped, bony, face, sharp eyes, a pointed nose like an eagle's beak, thin lips, and hair flowing neck-down. That leads me to believe that I should select in the montage:

face: 1, maybe 2.
eyes: 1, maybe 3 or even 0
nose: 1
mouth 1 or 2
hair 2, maybe 0 or 3

That's 2*3*1*2*3 possibilities and after a dozen or so I'm getting a bit frustrated with Metal Gear (slowly) suggesting that maybe I should try and remember what Velvet has said and the perhaps the montage is wrong.

Please, someone, give a hint (or the solution).


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Van diederick76

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21-07-2006, 22:53

face 1, eye 3, nose 1, mouth 1, hair 3.

Just in case anybody's interested.

Van Manuel

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03-06-2007, 16:00

well, I just had the same problem and it's indeed extremely unclear!! I would never have guessed it without this.
How did you find it? Trying all combinations?